Libra Full Moon Reiki Class/Attunement



Sunday April 9th, 2017 1:30pm to 6:00pm (click to pre-register/tickets)


The energy of the full moon is strongest within three days prior to or after the actual lunation. Please join us on Sunday April 9th at 1:30pm after dance church!

“The April 11 full moon at 21°32′ Libra lands in the very best part of the sky. At 24°05′ Libra is the most fortunate star of them all, Spica. It’s hard to top a full mo on with the sweetest of fixed stars but wait. The full moon April 2017 astrology chart below shows the Moon is also with the most fortunate of all planets, Jupiter.

Luck is on your side your but most rewarding should be your emotional and spiritual growth. A range of diverse relationships and cultural experiences can enrich your life…”

During this class we will dive deep into the history of The Usui Reiki Lineage, Reiki Treatment, The applications of Reiki, the chakras and much more!

In my experience, Reiki always finds you when you need it most and is an life altering journey of transformation and healing within the self and radiating outwards. I am looking forward to helping guide you down this path.”

The investment is $200 per person. All materials included. The class will run approximately five hours with two shorter follow up classes in the future, tba during the class, to try and get everyone together on the same day. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions!

We are willing to break the investment cost into payments if needed! Also to avoid fees please message me for alternative payment methods! Sending light! ✨✨✨