Vox Lumina Musical Medicine Show


It’s a Vox Lumina Musical Medicine Show WITH Spiral Rhythms Ensemble AND Octeel on Didgeridoo:
A TranceDance/ TranceChant Experience
Earth Day Edition: Heal Yourself/ Heal the Earth

A Vox Lumina Musical Medicine Show creatively combines several sound healing elements into one “acoustic rave/ trancedance-trancechant” experience- the harmonic and resonant tones and overtones of crystal singing bowls, the deep drone of the didgeridoo, plus the primal power of the drums, the emotion and connection of the voice. Participants are encouraged to move freely and interact organically with the dynamic improvisational quality of the evening.

We are making musical medicine for bodies of water!
Come and be a part of the Sonic Tonic…

Saturday April 22, 2017 (Earth Day!)
doors @ 7:30
music 8 -11 pm

crystal bowls
trance dancing/ bodies moving
trance chanting/ kirtan
healing bodies of water with sound

$10 with student id
work/trade discount available please ask in advance****

come early for Brooke’s Chakra Activation Yoga class
from 630-730 pm
just $5 🙂

We will have kava kava, teas, and tinctures available throughout the evening! Mats will be available at the space!

Pittsburgh musician-healer Brooke Smokelin, aka Vox Lumina, has been using music as a tool for healing for years.  She has a private sound therapy practice in the East End where she uses tuning forks of various frequencies to clear and fortify the vibrational field.  She has been hosting regular group sound healing experiences- Vox Lumina Sound Baths and Vox Lumina Kirtans in Pittsburgh for over 5 years.  These events allow people to tune in and tune up and experience sound as healing.

Spiral Rhythms Ensemble is a diverse group of musicians and artists who prioritize the creation and expression of an improvised “in the moment” music experience featuring evolving rhythms as its foundation.  The core members of Spiral Rhythms Ensemble include Rex Bacon, Ed Boas, and Harry Pepper who combine their decades of experience in music performance, artistic expression, and personal growth facilitation to create unique and transformational events.