Tai Chi


Join us every Wednesday at Mettā for Tai Chi/Qi Gong with Chinese Medical Practitioner, Eyal Yona. Each class is only $10 and your first class is complementary! This class is beginner friendly and all ages.

“My journey with Tai Chi, a non-violent martial art, began in my first year of Chinese Medicine studies. It was a method for me to embody the theory I learned in class and bring it into real life experience.

Tai Qi for me is a way of being. How do we feel inside our body? How do we move and interact with others in our everyday lives?

Tai Qi has the potential to teach us new ways of being: More open, relaxed, alert and present. But in the same way it builds more power, boldness and resilience to be and to stand against the stressors of everyday lives. This way we can be more authentic and have more influence on the world around us.

This is the true meaning of the Yin & Yang inside the Tai Chi.
I invite you for Tai Chi class or Chinese Medicine consultation at Mettā: A Healing Arts Community.”

Phone: (412) 294 2069
Email: Eyalyonas@gmail.com