Spring Detox Workshop


Join phsychotherapist, naturopath, and indigenous elder Patricia Maciel for a special workshop on detoxification methods that will bring you into greater alignment with cosmic energies and give you more health and vitality as we move into spring.

Patricia has over thirty years of practice in holistic medicine and in leading indigenous prayer and healing ceremonies. We are lucky to have her travel all way to Pittsburgh to bring us special insight and techniques both from her people in Mexico and from her studies which have led her to work with spiritual leaders from all over the world.

She is going to offer special techniques to detoxify the colon, which can hold onto 20 years worth of food waste, and ways to protect ourselves and heal from exposure to radiation and air pollution, and will address fertility concerns. Among other methods, she is going to share ways to employ acupuncture techniques without needles and use teas and crystals to heal and protect ourselves from radiation and toxins. Patricia assures all participants that they will leave with a great gift and feel recovery effects and before leaving the workshop.

April 18th 6:30-8:30

$30 at the door $25 with student/veteran discount and when you pre-register