Reverie: A Day on the Astrological Planets, Signs and Houses II

alex's cover photo

Join us as Metta PGH hosts writer and resident astrologer Alexander Baker on Saturday, May 27th  from 4:30 to 6:30pm for the second in a series of astrology workshops.

This particular afternoon will begin with brief overviews of the fundamentals covered in the first workshop. This includes mention of the roles and uses, history and lineages of astrology (Egyptian, Greek, Hellenistic); different types of astrology (natal, synastry, mundane, horary, etc); and various modern astrological schools of thought (traditional, archetypal and so on).

We will continue with an exploration of the astrological signs, houses, planets and aspects between them as our focus, with their associated mythology, symbolism, and useful avenues for magic and practical insight. Current celestial transits, as well as the signs, ruling planets, and corresponding houses of Spring and Summer, will be made especially relevant.

This workshop is designed for ‘beginners of serious interest’ to those with intermediate and advanced levels of knowledge — and surely contains invaluable slivers for the seasoned student of the stars. A ‘beginner to intermediate’ level understanding of astrology is gently suggested. This workshop is interactive, and will bend to accommodate the interests and questions of the audience.

A packet of materials containing images, outlines and various excerpts will be provided to each attendee. These will aid in following the projected presentation, and be another solid takeaway for future benefit!

This workshop’s cost is a sliding scale from $15 to $45. Pre-pay here! It is our wish that no one be ‘priced out’ of holistic healing modalities, so if money is a concern, please contact Metta PGH or Alexander Baker (