Will Russell

Will is a Reiki master, and energy lightworker.  He believes that we have the innate ability to heal ourselves, and with some help that can be awakened within us all.  

While always having a strong awareness of energy, Will took it to the next level 9 years ago, when he embarked on a self healing journey to repair the damage done by childhood traumas that had plagued him for his entire life.  Since healing his childhood trauma, Will has continued his self work by healing his past life, and ancestral traumas.

Will uses Reiki at the basis of his healing work, while incorporating crystal healing as well as some Amazonian shamanic practices.  He works mainly around the chakra energetic system, offering chakra readings, balancing and clearing.

Will believes that at the core, everything is energy.  Through this belief he is developing an Intuitive Energy Therapy practice, in which we explore ways to take an energetic approach to manifesting our true nature, as well as how to incorporate this work into our everyday lives.