Tara Wiederstein, M.Div., M.S. 

I offer my clients two options for therapy. Psychotherapy involves sitting and talking through issues that may have come up either recently or in the past. As a psychodynamic therapist, talking through issues will typically involve a look at your life, as a whole, to find beliefs, thought patterns, and emotional distress that contribute to disturbances you feel in life.

EMDR therapy utilizes bilateral stimulation through eye movements, tapping, and/or sound to stimulate the brain’s natural healing process and to open new neural networks for increased ability to cope more effectively and to find relief from distress. EMDR is used by the Veteran’s Administration to treat mental illness ranging from PTSD to psychotic disorders and everything, in between. It can even be used to help to calm anxiety about something as simple as an upcoming speech or lower level stress like life adjustment issues. I work with my clients to find what works for them and offer my own clinical perspective so that we can meet goals we will establish together.

I consider myself not only a therapist, but a healer. I began my career after completing my M.Div. at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary by working as a Chaplain in Jails, private hospitals, and with the Veteran’s Administration. I completed my Master’s of Science in Clinical Counseling after 8 years of chaplaincy and have worked both in group and private practices as well as on inpatient and outpatient psychiatric units.

My interest is to approach healing from a holistic perspective and to tap into what works for each of my clients, utilizing emotional, psychological, physiological, and spiritual experiences as avenues for health, wellness, and growth. I use my own experience of healing to inform how I work with my clients which includes my formal training as well as non-traditional methods of healing. These include, but are not limited to, background as a martial artist, a reiki therapist, and even my background as a musician and guitarist!

If you’d like to set and appointment please contact me at T: 412-407-7642 or E: tara@manifesttw.com