Olatokunboh Obasi


Raised between East and South Africa, I am aware of the importance of a sanctuary where community members may go to heal and find their moments of peace.  I first learned about plants, healing, and health at the age of 9 through a medicine man, various relatives, and the great Eucalyptus tree.  Later, after a long journey of struggle and hardship, I used herbs to find healing in myself.  Herbs inspired me to reach out to others and share experiences together.   I pursued a modern education in herbal medicine by receiving a Masters of Science in Herbal Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health formerly Tai Sophia Institute.  There I realized I carried a sword.  It is called “the double-edged sword”.  Now, I walk the double-edged sword in my practice as a medical herbalist and nutritionist; moments on my indigenous, intuitive path, and moments on the modern science and evidence-based path.

 “Reading about nature is fine, but if a person walks in the woods and listens carefully, he [she] can learn more than what is in books, for they speak with the voice of God.”~George Washington Carver

The following are my Earth based principles and practice in holistic medicine:

  • Honor the earth,

  • Use sustainable plants to bring harmony to the client,

  • Use food as nourishment and medicine,

  • Bring awareness and meaning of dis-ease: healing, plants and nature,

  • Guide life of all concerned to wellness,

  • Empower with lifestyle coaching, meditation and intuitive healing.

Mother Earth.  The greatest library that  ever existed is that offered by Mother Earth.  She has schooled, even scolded and steered me to move towards the realms of plants, animals, minerals and living beings. My role as a healer would be meaningless and misdirected without her.

Plants and Herbs.  I view herbal medicine as a graceful science and art that can infinitely be created and recreated.  Plants are both food and medicine.  They have existed, coexist and will continue to exist as long as life proceeds.

Traditional Knowledge.  Traditional cultures across the globe respect the potent attributes of plants as medicine for body, mind and spirit. Therefore, those of us who live the modern way, must relearn from them as we have distanced ourselves from the truth of nature, in which they preserve.

Connecting with nature.  People are innately drawn to plants equating them as healing allies and respecting them for their poignancy.  It is important to reconnect with nature because it is nature we were born from and nature we shall leave to, she and he are the eggshell of our existence.

Nutrition as Nourishment. Nutrition is a foundational and functional science that is important for our livelihood.  We have always sought foods to hunt and gather for the sake of our bodily needs.  I seek to balance and increase vitality through nutritional supplementation.