Lavender Sedlak

Lavender is a gender queer anarchist witch who has been studying healing, wellness, and magic since 2010. Lavender spent their youth hearing stories of ghosts and psychics from their mother, and their teenage years connecting to the earth through trail work and land restoration, ending up on a 8 month sojourn in the Mojave desert restoring the ecosystem there to protect the Desert Tortoise. There, they were filled with inspiration from the desert’s incredible healing and magical energy to do their life’s work: Healing as individuals, healing the land, healing communities. Through the study of Ecosystems, Tarot, Energy, Anatomy and Physiology, Mythology, Cooperative Principles, Herbal Medicine, Astrology, Massage, Music, Mysticism, Chakras, Magic, Witchcraft, Poetry, and Meditation, Lavender combines wisdom, science, magic, and art and love for the earth into their practice with an underlying belief that all healing is led by assisting the individual in healing themselves. Lavender is available for both teaching and practicing healing work on clients. They are available for Reiki, Tarot, and Massage classes or sessions, as well as Music Lessons for kids and adults.