Jonathan Winslow

I’ve been practicing Reiki III for over 20 years and attended The Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy to expand my skills in the healing arts. It was a wonderfully transformative experience with a really talented and intent group of classmates. We started offering free chair massage to support the women at Power, in their efforts recovering from addiction, and continue to do so. Many of us also worked on the Pittsburgh Steelers at their training camp.

I am professionally licensed in the state of Pennsylvania and insured with the American Massage Therapy Association. Trained and fluent in Swedish, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, and Reflexology. I find Myofascial Release to be my favorite massage modality to employ. In a way, it’s a bridge between massage and Reiki. It’s a subtle and gentler but deep way of melting through the connective tissue of fascia and musculature, offering new freedom and space for the body to heal and rediscover healthier alignment. Clients also report to me the most deeply and profoundly relaxing and healing experience with this modality.

I love this work. It’s truly rewarding to have a client arrive stressed out and leave floating on a blissful cloud. When I work, I drop into a deep meditative state, so I tend to feel really good, too.