Jenny Jean Crawford


Jenny Jean Crawford is an Intuitive Integrative Health Coach, energy worker, and teacher.  She integrates her training in a broad range of healing techniques in an intuitive manner to address dis-ease in all four bodies: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.  This results in a personalized coaching experience where the client is seen, held, and also held accountable to their commitment to health and well being. Just a few of the various techniques that Jenny uses to help clients reach their goals are: reiki, energy work and channeling, herbal consultation/medicines/tonics, essential oils, crystal healing, ancestral connection, frame drum healing, connection with guides and plant spirits, and of course nutrition and health guidance.  Her sessions can focus in on any one of these techniques or a combination of them according to a client’s desires and level of comfort.

Jenny has studied Integrative Health Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she has been trained in over 100 different dietary theories and learned from top experts in the fields of health and coaching. She has also received training in Clinical Herbalism through a Sky House Herbal Apprenticeship, where she has continued developing a deeper relationship with the plant world. She has been trained in the Usui tradition of Reiki through Douglas Dudzinksi.  Acquiring her BS in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University honed Jenny’s problem solving skill set in a way that, coupled with her deep intuition, allows her to determine what needs to be addressed and then develop processes and goals to lead clients to the transformation they are seeking.

Jenny is also currently engaged in an extensive apprenticeship in American Shamanism with Rebekah Gamble where she has and continues to receive training in various Shamanic practices and techniques for healing the spiritual body.  A few of her areas of concentration in that arena are ancestral healing and exploration, journeying, plant spirits and energetics, and frame drum healing.  One of the main goals in American Shamanism is to help people develop their own spiritual practice and give them an access to their own deeper spirituality.  This help them develop a personal set of practices so that they do not have to solely rely on their local Shaman or Medicine Wo/man to get into deep contact with the spiritual realm. Now more than ever, we all need a deeper relationship with the ways of our ancestors and the land that we can incorporate into our daily lives. Connecting with and tuning in to our ancestry and the land brings forth a set of practices unique to each individual finding them self in today’s ever deepening multicultural landscape here on Turtle Island.