Alex Baker

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Alexander Baker is a writer and astrologer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He contributes occasional features to Witch Magazine and Reality Sandwich, whom he has published with since 2014.

Across eight years of astrological immersion, Alex has been privileged to give readings for hundreds of friends, family members and clients, additionally examining countless cultural figures’ natal charts. Alex studied playwriting at Pittsburgh Public Theater, and studied under Adam Elenbaas at the Nightlight Astrology School from 2013-2016.

In 2010, Alex was a founding organizer of Evolver Pittsburgh, part of global non-profit initiatives The Evolver Network (now Bloom Network) and the Evolver Social Movement. During Evolver Pittsburgh’s active years, he collaborated on numerous meet-ups, panels and parties whose themes ranged from knowledge-sharing, sustainability and grassroots activism to entheogens and shamanism.

What else? Music, loving, reading, writing, eating, drinking, saunas and asanas.