Mudras: Theory and Practice Part II

Buddhist mudra

Saturday, May 20 at 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Tickets are $30 Pre-Sale on EventBrite or if you attended Part I and $35 at the door.

Most people understand mudras to be primarily a practice of hand gestures within the hindu and yoga currents of spirituality. But mudras also play an important role in Buddhism, and the term “mudra” has been applied historically to multiple subtle body movements and locks over and above what can be done with the hands alone.

Expanding on the basics we learned in part one of this series, part two will be spent looking at mudras as they are used in Buddhism and exploring how they can be used in conjunction with Yoga Asanas. Afterwards, we’ll discuss common Buddhist mudras and cover some of the techniques in the hatha yoga pradipika that go beyond traditional “hand mudras.” We will seal this series with a final meditation, where you will again have the opportunity to immediately apply the techniques covered in this workshop.

This workshop will be led by Matthew Kenney. Matthew is a daily practitioner of Yoga and meditation, in particular zazen meditation and Paramahamsa Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga. Proficient in Sanskrit, he is a student of the Vedas and of the history of philosophy and religion in India. He received his B.A. in philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh.