METTĀ is Pali for loving-kindness, the core value on which this community of healers and artists is based. We believe that all beings have equal to right to the love, healing, creativity, and abundance that mother earth provides, and therefore seek to share and hone our gifts with a spirit of generosity and compassion.

For this reason, we strive towards intersectionality and offer donation-based services, as well as work-study options for those in need. For more information on sliding-scale services, scholarships, and work-study, please email mettapgh@gmail.com.

We currently offer herbal consultations; astrological consultations; tarot readings; tarot and astrological study groups; psychic development courses; meditation and pranayama meet-ups; regular tai chi, yoga, and ecstatic dance classes, as well as an evolving rotation of workshops and a consciousness-raising weekend concert series.